Transactions of the Burgon Society

Every year the Society publishes its own journal dedicated to the field of academic dress: Transactions of the Burgon Society. It features fellowship papers from our latest fellows as well as articles from established researchers in the field of academic dress.

In line with our charitable objectives, back editions of Transactions of the Burgon Society are available, open access, at the New Prairie Press.

Vol. 21 (2021)

The Curious Case of a Women’s Academic Collar; A Historical Overview and Description of the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Ceremonial and Academic Attire; Peculiar and Proper Habits: The Use and Production of Academic Dress in Colonial, Revolutionary, and Federal Philadelphia; A Study of the History and Use of Lace on Academical Gowns in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Updates and Corrections; The Invention of Tradition: The Cambridge Benefactors’ Gowns; Coloured Velvet is Too Gaudy: The 1861 Reforms to the Academical Costume of the University of London; Fossils in Silk: Historical Hoods of Trinity College, Toronto; History and Development of University Doctoral Dress in Aotearoa New Zealand; Bristol Blue: A Search for the Origins of Academic Dress at the University of Bristol; University of Portsmouth Academic Dress; The Lack of a Theology Hood at the University of the West Indies, by Mitchell A. Nicholls, in Vol. 20.

Vol. 20 (2020)

In memoriam: Robin L. D. Rees; Primary Source: Examining Official Dress in Universities in Aotearoa New Zealand; ‘Different Forms of Gowns for All Sorts of Scholars in their Several Ranks’: Academic Undress at Oxford in 1635; Cap and Gown? Use of Headgear at Graduation in UK Universities in the Twenty-First Century; The Evolution of Undergraduate Academic Dress at the University of Cambridge and its Constituent Colleges; A Grave Decent Gown: The 1690 Glasgow Gown Order; Reaping the Whirlwind: American Degree and Subject Colours (1962-Present); The Hoods of the Three Senior Doctorates at Edinburgh; Reflections of Designing the Academic Dress of the University of Hertfordshire; The Lack of a Theology Hood at the University of the West Indies; ‘Degrees of Degrees’: An Alternative Structure; Response to Professor Zellick’s Article.

Special edition: Hoods by the Armful

Vol. 19 (2019)

The Open University and its academic dress; the history of the academic dress of the University of Exeter; academic dress of the University of Hong Kong, 1911–41; academic dress in Kingston University; reforms to Scottish academical dress during the 1860s; academic dress in the Middle East and the Maghreb; faculty attitudes towards academic dress at a second land-grant university in the US; degrees and their varied rights, privileges, and immunities.