Gown, Hood, and Hat Patterns

The following classification of Hood and Gown styles was devised by Nicholas Groves, FBS, member of Council, former Dean of Studies, and editor of Shaw’s Academical Dress of Great Britain and Ireland [3rd Edition].

Styles are usually enclosed in square brackets, for example: Burgon [s2] for hoods or Cambridge BA [b2] for gowns.

Diagrams of these hoods, gowns and caps can be found in the afore-mentioned Shaw’s Academical Dress of Great Britain and Ireland [3rd Edition], published in 2011 by the Burgon Society.

Undergraduate Gowns

[u1] Cambridge basic
[u2] Oxford scholar
[u3] London
[u4] Durham
[u5] Oxford commoner
[u6] Sussex
[u7] East Anglia
[u8] Trinity College Dublin
[u9] St Andrews

Other Cambridge undergraduate gowns are described as being variants on [u1] or [u3].

Bachelors’ Gowns

[b1] Basic bachelor
[b2] Cambridge BA
[b3] Cambridge MB
[b4] London BA
[b5] Durham BA
[b6] Wales BA
[b7] Bath BA
[b8] Oxford BA
[b9] Belfast BA
[b10] Dublin BA
[b11] Reading BA
[b12] Sussex BA

Masters’ Gowns

[m1] Oxford MA
[m2] Cambridge MA
[m3] Dublin MA
[m4] Wales MA
[m5] London MA
[m6] Victoria MA
[m7] Lampeter MA
[m8] Leicester MA
[m9] Bristol MA
[m10] Basic master
[m11] Lancaster MA
[m12] Scottish MA
[m13] (not used)
[m14] Open (all degrees)
[m15] Warwick MA
[m16] Bath MA
[m17] Sussex MA
[m18] Manchester new
[m19] King’s MA

Doctors’ Gowns

[d1] Cambridge doctors
[d2] Oxford doctors
[d3] Cambridge MusD
[d4] Oxford DCL undress
[d5] Oxford Convocation habit
[d6] Sussex doctors
[d7] Aston (all degrees)
[d8] Cambridge DD undress
[d9] St Andrews honorary doctors

Simple Hoods

[s1] Oxford simple
[s2] Burgon
[s3] Belfast
[s4] Edinburgh simple
[s5] Wales simple
[s6] Leicester bachelors
[s7] Leeds
[s8] Sussex
[s9] Victoria
[s10] Aston
[s11] Glasgow Caledonian
[s12] King’s simple

Full Hoods

[f1] Cambridge
[f1] Cambridge
[f2] Dublin
[f3] London
[f4] Durham doctors
[f5] Oxford full
[f6] Durham BA
[f7] Durham BSc
[f8] Edinburgh full
[f9] Glasgow
[f10] St Andrews
[f11] Warham Guild
[f12] King's full
[f13] UMIST doctors
[f14] AIC doctors
[[f15] Toronto full

Aberdeen Hoods

[a1] CNAA
[a2] Leicester masters
[a3] Kent
[a4] East Anglia
[a5] Leicester doctors
[a6] Dundee
[a7] Aberdeen


[h1] Square cap (Mortar-board)
[h2] Doctors' bonnet
[h3] John Knox cap
[h4] Bishop Andrewes' cap
[h5] Oxford ladies' cap
[h6] Sussex pileus
[h7] Leicester doctors' hat
[h8] old UEA BA "Fr Brown" hat
[h9] old UEA MA "Highwayman" hat


[e1] Irish epitoge